SDI/NDI® and Seervision

Let's talk a bit more about hooking up a video feed to the Seervision DoP

Seervision uses Computer Vision to steer the PTU that it's controlling. In order to do that, unsurprisingly, we need a video feed from the PTU that we're controlling. Below, we'll try to answer some of the most common questions we get.

SDI: The Basics

In its simplest form, you take an SDI out of the PTU and directly plug it into the top port of the Seervision DoP. The bottom SDI port of the DoP is actually a loop-through: it provides a perfect copy of the image stream, unmodified and un-delayed, so you can route it further into your video production workflow.

Can I first route my SDI signal somewhere else, before feeding it to the DoP?

That depends a bit on what you are doing, but ideally not - any form of delay makes our system perform worse. This is also the reason that we provide a loop-through: for optimal performance: make our DoP the first "stop" in the SDI chain coming from the PTU, then route it further. This minimises unnecessary delays.

Of course, this doesn't always hold - there's plenty of SDI routing solutions, like Video Hubs, that essentially add no delay at all. That works fine for us (we use it ourselves actually!).

3G (FullHD) or 12G (4k)?

That's up to you. We can do both, but you'll have to tell us up front - the capture card our servers use is different depending on whether we need to capture a 3G or 12G signal. Additionally, our 4k capture card does not provide a loop-through. That means you'll have to split/duplicate the signal before feeding it into the DoP. 

NDI® Support

Seervision currently supports high bandwidth NDI® as well as NDI®|HX as an alternative to SDI. You can select the NDI® stream in the interface (see our manual for more information).

Note that we currently only support NDI®|HX V1, we're working on V2 support!

We also support consuming feeds from an NDI® Discovery Server or NDI® Bridge. As of July 2022, that is currently a manual process that needs to be done once by Seervision support, but we're working on a feature enabling the end-user to add an NDI® Discovery Server via our interface!



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